Tint Care

Window Tinting Maintenance and Care

Once we have tinted your car home or office, there are a few basic steps to maintain and care for newly tinted windows to keep looking beautiful for a longer period of time
UV Protection recommends you follow these simple steps to help car and maintain for your tints:

  • DO NOT TOUCH – After the completion of you window tints you should just let them dry normally, meaning the windows are not to be “touched” .For at least a period of five days. For vehicle windows they are recommended not to be opened for a period of two days. In some cases the will be water marks (may even look like bubbles) on windows within a one week period, again do not touch or panic as this is a drying process of the film and will soon clear up and disappear
  • CLEANING – The cleaning procedure is simple. Do not clean windows, tinted side only, within 3-4 weeks of installation. Do not use any cleaning products with AMMONIA in it, as it is known to have a negative reaction to the film. Uv Protection recommends using a clean wet soapy cloth to take the dirt away and a clean soft dry cloth to dry up the window afterwards.
  • KEEP OFF – The “keep off” step is and easy step to follow. We recommend not putting any stickers or suction cup in the tinted side of the windows as it often can damage the tint when trying to remove them.
  • AWARENESS  – This step is very important. It is up to you as the individual to ensure that you keep your windows clean because as a result it may lead to scratching the film. Another common mistake made is when getting out of the vehicle you must make sure your seatbelt does not “fling” when your taking it off as it often lands on the window and scratch the tints.

By following these simple steps you can ensure that your newly tinted window will look “as new” for a longer period of time. So keep these steps in mind, as they are not hard to remember so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your purchase.


“Read what the Cancer Council Australia say about Window Tinting and why it is important: http://www.cancer.org.au/news/blog/prevention/window-tinting-and-sun-protection-does-darkening-your-windows-make-you-safe-from-uv-rays.html “